What is WordPress and 6 Reasons why to use it

Anastasios Prodromou Ceo Pran
Anastasios Prodromou
14 February 2023
Discover the power of WordPress, the open-source software behind 43.2% of websites worldwide. In this article, we explore WordPress and six reasons why it's the ideal website builder for your next project. From its free availability to its SEO-friendly foundation, we've got you covered.
What Is Wordpress

One of the most popular questions we are called to answer is what WordPress is and why you should consider migrating to WordPress from your current platform. 

We’ve been using WordPress for about 10 years,  and we knew from the early beginning that this open-source software would become one of the most powerful website builders that will help developers and users around the globe to create the website of their dreams: a website that mirrors their brand promise and tone of voice, a powerful engine to generate sales, increase traffic, and create this seamless online customer experience. 

On that note, it’s very important to clarify that when we are talking about WordPress, we are referring to WordPress.org and not to WordPress.com. 

Should you wish to learn more about WordPress, keep reading our blog below and learn more about What WordPress is and 6 reasons that will definitely make you consider WordPress as your next website builder! 

What is WordPress 

WordPress is open-source software available in more than 53 languages. It is a website builder anyone can use to create an aesthetically pleasing website, app, or blog. It’s no coincidence that 43,2% of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress, among which you see top-notch brands like Disney, Facebook, Time Magazine, Sony, The New Yorker, and many more.  

WordPress is not just another blogging platform. It’s so much more! 

It may have started as a very powerful blogging tool, but it has evolved in so many ways! That’s the magic of WordPress. It never stands still. Throughout the years, it has evolved into a dynamic, easy-to-use, and flexible website builder and an ironclad Content Management System (CMS), enabling you to make different types of websites, and it keeps rising in popularity. 

6 Reasons why to use WordPress 

Are you curious to find out why WordPress is the best website builder for your website? Keep reading below, and you will find 6 Reasons why we recommend WordPress as the website builder that better suits your website. 

1. Comes without paying fees. It’s free 

WordPress is an open-source software. In other words, it’s free. You can download, install, modify, use, redistribute, and build upon the software as you see fit without paying fees. Practically, you can download WordPress and create any type of website you like.  

However, before using WordPress, you need to take two steps: register your domain name (your internet address, i.e., pran.io) and choose the web hosting to install it, which both come at a price. Web hosting is critical, as you need a high-performing server to store all your web files. 

For your website’s hosting and domain, we strongly recommend Cloudways, one of the biggest hosting companies worldwide. 

2. Is easy-to-use and learn | Everything is neat and tidy 

WordPress is not that difficult to use, even for absolute beginners. One of its greatest benefits is its simplified and easy-to-read and get-accustomed-to interface, which minimizes the risk of running into technical glitches and hiccups. 

Even first-time WordPress users can easily find their way through this website builder, as it showcases every step you may need to take in an obvious and understandable way. 

Let’s take a quick look: 

  • Starting from the simplified dashboard, your guide to building your website pages and content step by step, you can effortlessly create pages and posts, add navigation menus and customize your website design, and so much more, just by picking one of the different menu options on the sidebar. 
  • WordPress Updates keep you in the loop: WordPress frequently releases important updates, plugins, and themes you can install with just one click. 
  • WordPress Backup plugins: WordPress has carefully thought out everything. There are excellent backup plugins – you can find some for free- with which you can set up automatic backups and save your data on a remote server using services like Dropbox or Google Drive. 
  • WordPress Security: WordPress is very serious concerning safety and security. This is why it has established some security best practices, following which you enhance your website security further. (Tag along, further down, we will elaborate more on WordPress Security and Safety). 

3. It is 100% Customizable 

WordPress is the ideal solution for non-tech-savvy folks, as there are literally thousands of free themes to choose from. Actually, there is one theme for every kind of website: a business site, an online store, or a blog. 

WordPress Theme Templates | You will find your perfect match 

WordPress Theme templates are fully customizable: You pick the one that best fits your brand, and you can upload your company’s logo, change colors and background, and create sliders to your liking without writing any code. Using a drag-and-drop builder, you can further customize your website and create beautiful product landing pages, sales pages, and so much more. 

WordPress Plugins | Add custom functionality to your website 

Using WordPress Plugins is one efficient way to add more advanced features, including membership area, analytics, contact forms, and others, to your website.  

Similarly to WordPress themes, there are thousands of free and premium plugins to choose from for your website. It’s noteworthy to mention that certain WordPress plugins can really transform your website into a totally new platform. Keep in mind, though, that the kind of plugins you choose depends heavily on the type of website you want to create. 

Here are three (3) WordPress Plugins that we definitely recommend: 

  • A contact form plugin to facilitate communication between you and your customers 
  • An analytics plugin to provide valuable insights and the actual number of visitors that land on your website 
  • An SEO plugin to enable you to get more traffic from Google. 

4. Was born SEO Friendly 

Truth be told, WordPress-powered websites are Google’s and other search engines favorites. Luckily enough, WordPress was built with Search Engine traffic front of mind from day one. And that’s huge, considering that most WordPress sites tend to rank higher on the SERP. 

A WordPress  SEO plugin is the safest way to optimize your website and increase traffic. Our top recommended WordPress SEO Plugin is Yoast SEO. It’s considered one of the most popular SEO plugins, with over 12M active users. 

5. Safety and Security are at the top of the list 

WordPress is, without a doubt, developed with safety and security in mind, and given its popularity, this is not just another statement about WordPress. It’s a reality. 

However, there will always be room for more safety and security. That’s why WordPress delves deeper into the security field and has created several free WordPress security plugins to enhance your website’s security and increase protection from malware, hackers, and other potential dangers. 

6. Is here to stay… till the end of time! 

WordPress is open-source software, and as such, it’s designed to stay! Being open-source automatically means that, by default is not maintained or managed by a team or a company. Even in the worst-case scenario where WordPress as a brand name for some reason disappears, literally, anyone can easily fork its code and relaunch it under a different name in just a few minutes. 

Another fact you probably do not know about WordPress is that it operates without a CEO. WordPress is fully protected by the non-profit organization WordPress Organisation which ensures that this powerful website builder will continue to grow. 

In addition, there is a whole army of thousands of developers, users, and businesses behind WordPress, which all work in one direction: to ensure that WordPress stays for good. 

WordPress is an all-in-purpose website builder 

WordPress broadens your website potential. Whether it is just a simple website or an eCommerce marketplace, or anything you can dream of, WordPress is your website builder. And how could it not be? 

Flexibility, agility, customizability, easy-to-learn and use, endless themes and plugins, guaranteed security, and SEO-friendly heart and soul, there is nothing else to think about! 

Keen to find out more about WordPress or how to set up your WordPress site? Don’t wait around. Get in touch with the PRAN team today and see how we can help.  


Anastasios Prodromou Ceo Pran
Anastasios Prodromou

Anastasios Prodromou is the CEO of PRAN, a leading tech firm providing innovative solutions. He is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for technology and over a decade of experience in the field. Under his leadership, PRAN has become a dominant player in the market, offering cutting-edge solutions to optimize operations and increase bottom lines. Anastasios is a true leader in the tech world.